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CuARdian Angel

Supports seniors to drive comfortable and with pleasure

What does driving a car mean to you? Does it provide you with a feeling of freedom, flexibility and independency? You can go wherever you want, whenever you want to. CuARdian Angel (CARA) wants to help you in driving stress-free, safe and comfortable.CuARdian Angel is there to help all: regular or occasional drivers, driver with more or less experienced, professional or leasure drivers. You may have experienced that your driving behaviour has changed over the years or that driving legislations have changed a bit. Maybe you drive less kilometres now, or maybe you try to avoid busy city traffic or feel less comfortable driving in the dark.

CARA wants to support YOU in all these situations to drive comfortable and with joy for as long as possible. In order to realize this, CARA is developing several products that can support you.


Three products were developed during a research project in close collaboration with seniors. CARA is currently working on the development of these products. 

Do you want to help us in the development of the CARA products? 


This website is part of the European research project: CuARdian Angel.  In this project research is performed on how older adults can drive safe for a longer period of time. The project is part of the Active Assisted Living (AAL) programme that supports initiatives to improve the quality of life for the older population.


This project is co-funded by the AAL Programme, the European Commission and the Flemish, Dutch and Austrian authorities​.


Do you have a question or remark? Or do you have input for the project? Feel free to contact us.

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