With many years of experience in driving behavior, psychology, design, research, and engineering, our team works relentlessly to turn the cutting-edge technology into easy-to-use devices that will have a positive impact on your life.

Partners from left to right: Barbara Król (F2S2), Valerie Scherndanner (50Plus GmbH), Eva Reithner (Eurag Österreich), Alexander Meschtscherjakov (Paris Lodron University Salzburg), Veronika Zuser (KFV), Guido Sluijsmans (SD-Insights), Nora Ramadani (KBO-PCOB), Marije Seinen (SD-Insights), Thom Hubers (SD-Insights), Magdalena Gärtner (Paris Lodron University Salzburg), Rosemarie Demelmair (50Plus GmbH), Martin de Loose (Neos), Eva Aigner-Breuss (KFV), Hanna Braun (Paris Lodron University Salzburg), Scott van Hooydonk (Jesco), Lars Akkersmans (F2S2), Joran Vansuypeene (Neos).


The products have been developed during the European project CuARdian Angel. The project is part of the Active Assisted Living (AAL) prorgramme that supports initiatives to improve the quality of life for the older population. During the project, senior drivers and experts in the field were closely involved in order to come to products that support seniors to drive safely, comfortable and with pleasure in an optimal way.

This project is co-funded by the AAL Programme, the European Commission and the Flemish, Dutch and Austrian authorities​.

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