Widespread use of CARA products can result in great societal benefits. Not only do they support the safety, confidence, and mobility of seniors in your area, but they can also lower the emission output from their cars. Moreover, the anonymized data resulting from the use of CARA products guide your smart policymaking. 


The CARA products will:

  • Increase the mobility of seniors and enable them to remain independent for a longer period of time. 

  • Identify stressful, uncomfortable, and problematic spots in the infrastructure to be able to optimize your infrastructure.  

  • Reduce the emission output produced by cars

Are you working for a municipality and would you be interested to run a pilot with the CARA products? Feel free to contact us.


CARA products can serve as risk assessment tools for your senior clients:
The Selftest quickly and accurately measures your clients' driving-related skills.
MyCoach systematically educates your clients to drive safer by reminding them of keeping the correct distance to cars ahead, following the lanes, breaking on time, and cornering smoothly. 

MyRoad guides your clients to their destination via the most convenient routes. It is the only navigation system on the market that allows drivers to skip left-turns, complicated intersections, and unlit roads.

Are you working for an insurance company and would you be interested to run a pilot with the CARA products? Feel free to contact us.



Commuting to work by car is the single most common source of work-related accidents. The CARA products can support the safety and convenience of your employees where it really matters.


Install the CARA products in your company vehicles to:

  • Support employees to drive comfortably, safely and economically.

  • Guide your employees via stress-free routes.

  • Reduce the emission output and fuel costs. 

Do you want to experience the benefits that the CARA products can have for your company? Feel free to contact us.

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