The project CuARdian Angel II  (CARA II) aims at keeping driving safe and accessible for seniors and is part of the Active Assisted Living (AAL) programme that supports initiatives to improve the quality of life for the older population.


The main goal of CARA II is to develop innovative and effective products (CARA Selftest, CARA MyCoach and CARA MyRoad) to support elderly to drive safe for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it is planned to build a network of different end-users and stakeholders in order to get ready for a market introduction.

​During the first CARA project (December 2018 – May 2018) research was performed to identify the needs and wishes of the senior driver. Based on this, three product ideas were generated that were aimed to support the senior driver to drive safely and comfortable. In the follow-up project, CARA II, these product ideas will be developed in an iterative process in which all relevant end users will be closely involved. In addition, the business model will be developed.


Provide effective products for older drivers

Build a network

Get ready for market introduction

Enable senior drivers to drive safely and comfortable for a longer time with help of the CARA products.

Involve primary (seniors), secondary (relatives and caregivers) and tertiary (stakeholders) end-users .

The CARA II products proof functionality in real traffic

(TRL 8).


In December 2020 the consortium started with the follow up project CARA II. The CARA II products will be developed through an iterative process involving all relevant end-user groups. In addition, a fully validated integral business plan will be generated.






This project is co-funded by the AAL Programme, the European Commission and the Flemish, Dutch and Austrian authorities​.


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