CARA MyCoach

Your personal driving coach

Get insights and feedback on your driving style with MyCoach. The MyCoach vision sensor analyzes your driving behaviour and the traffic around you. Via the MyCoach app, you receive insight into your driving behaviour and tips how to improve or maintain your good driving behaviour.

In this way you keep your driving style sharp and you can drive safely, with joy and even more economically!

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Objective insight into your driving behaviour

MyCoach analyzes your driving behavior and gives you feedback on your:

• speed

• braking

• lane keeping

• distance keeping

• cornering


With a score between 1 and 10 and color labels, MyCoach communicates how well you perform on each aspect and where you can improve. You can check your results anytime via the CARA website or app on your phone.

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Step 1 


Make a CARA account. Multiple accounts can be created, if for example your partner drives in the same car. 


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Step 2 


MyCoach can be easily installed in your car. It is also possible to call our helpline if you need any guidance. 

Step 3


MyCoach now screens your driving behavior and the traffic around you.


Step 4 

Check feedback

Check the scores and personalized feedback on your driving. Use the tips and tricks to drive safer and more economically.

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CARA MyCoach

  • MyCoach device + feedback app

  • Insight into your driving behaviour

  • Tips to improve and drive safer & more economically

  • Detailed statistics

  • Compare and share results with friends & relatives 

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