Ageing drivers have started testing MyCoach

Within the CARA II project two systems were developed in order to support older drivers. One of the CARA systems is called MyCoach. The device is connected with the car to record various parameters of driving. After each trip, the driver can collect feedback on her/his driving behaviour via a mobile device or computer. To make it easy for the driver to connect the feedback to a certain traffic situation, all points where misbehaviour took place are marked in a road map.

To further improve the system, test drives with seniors were planned. The goal of this pilot test is gaining insight in the usability and user experience of MyCoach under real life conditions.

Accordingly, in April 2021, seniors from the Netherlands started driving with MyCoach over a period of 3 weeks. Healthy seniors over 55 years could take part in the study. When the test drives in the Netherlands are completed, there will also be a test phase in Belgium.

The installation of the system is done by CARA-II staff members. All participants receive a comprehensive introduction to the system. At the beginning and the end of the test drives interviews with participants are carried out.

Based on the feedback from the study participants, the system will be further developed and thus better adapted to the needs of older drivers. Results will be presented as soon as possible.

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