CARA II - final sprint!

From December 2019 until August 2021 the CARA II consortium has developed several products with the aim to support seniors to drive more safely. In order to create products that match the needs and wishes of the senior users, regular feedback from primary and secondary users were collected.

The last field tests with the CARA II products were completed in August 2021. The main objectives were to evaluate the developed prototypes in terms of usability, user experience, the impact of the systems, and buying and using intention.

The opinion on both, MyCoach and MyRoad was mixed. However, the main idea of MyCoach was perceived as positive and almost all participants stated that the app was very easy to use and very clear.

Due to the large letters and icons the app MyRoad was considered as very clear and particularly suitable for seniors. Technical problems and limited functionality of the prototypes (compared to the full version) resulted in critical remarks.

The selftest evaluation study of the “Contextual Risk Awareness Module” was conducted to gather first feedback from both, the target group and traffic safety experts. In general, the participants reacted positively towards the presented prototype.

For all tested systems the participants shared valuable feedback on what should be improved and implemented in a full version of the products.

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