CARA webinar

In early October, the CARA consortium has hosted a webinar for Dutch governmental representatives. The forty-five minutes long session aimed to shed light on the research project CARA-II, update on the current state of its progress, and explain its potential benefit for senior drivers, government, and society in general. The webinar was attended by representatives from several Dutch provinces, who were introduced to the research project itself, and the products that arise from it - MyCoach (a personal driving coach), MyRoad (a stress-free navigation app), and Selftest (online test of driving-related abilities). After the introduction, a discussion was held to investigate how each product can support Dutch provinces in improving their seniors´ safety and well-being on the roads. All attendees joined the discussion with ideas on how the products could be useful for their provinces and features they would appreciate. Their comments, questions, and remarks provided us with valuable ideas on maximizing the products´ positive impact. Due to the webinar´s usefulness and positive reception, similar webinars will be held in Belgium on November 20, and Austria on November 23. Would you like to attend our webinars or get yourself familiar with the CARA products and their benefits on your own? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will provide you with an invitation to one of our events or with the presentation slides.

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