Creative Workshop in Salzburg

On February 4th and 5th, the CuARdian Angel project team joined forces during an internal workshop organized by the University of Salzburg. During the workshop, our experts focused

on the creation of several concepts for personalized driver support applications. The basis for this work was the excellent feedback and information we received from the end-users themselves, collected via the first CuARdianAngel survey and interviews conducted in the Netherlands and Austria.

The workshop allowed the project team to build and expand concepts in a very creative environment and enabled the project to make significant steps towards feasible and viable products which can effectively support older drivers to drive safely.

With the completion of the internal workshop, and the collection of the results, the project team is now moving forward towards the next step: preparing end user and stakeholder workshops in the different project regions and countries: Flanders, the Netherlands and Austria.

An impression of the creative workshop with the project partners.

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