Focus groups with seniors in Vienna

Two focus groups with end-users were held in Vienna on the 29th of January. The first focus group involved 8 persons between 66-74 years, 5 persons between 75-81 years participated in the second focus group. After a lively discussion on the importance of individual mobility, the feeling of safety and comfort when driving and the attitude towards driver assistance systems, tests on fitness to drive in old age were discussed. The focus was on following questions:

- Are fitness to drive assessments in old age useful?

- Should these tests be mandatory?

- What criteria should be used to determine, who has to do such tests?

- What are other possibilities than a legal obligation to reach older drivers, get them to test and critically question their fitness to drive?

In addition, a test developed by F2S2 on reaction time was presented to the participants and their opinion was obtained. We are very grateful to all participants for their active participation, valuable suggestions, and helpful feedback.

An impression of the reaction test that was presented during the focus group.

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