Interviews with seniors almost finished

The project team conducted in total 35 in-depth interviews with seniors in the three participating countries. The goal of the interviews was to obtain a better understanding of the needs and wishes of older drivers. Questions were focused on driving behaviour, challenges the drivers face and technology in the car.

Interview with a 65-year old driver in Delft, the Netherlands

At the end of the interviews the question was asked "What does driving mean to you?" and the participants were asked to write this down on a Delft blue tile. This gave a nice overview of why driving is so important for seniors and why it is so important that we do this project.

At the end of the interview, the participants were asked to round off the following sentence "Driving a car means to me...". Here you see an impression of what seniors filled out.

Next week the last interviews will be conducted and we will proceed with developing concepts. These concepts will be developed further with help of seniors during workshops at the end of March.

Thanks to all the seniors that shared their experiences during the interviews!

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