Making trips more comfortable with MyRoad

The CARA goal is to keep seniors mobile for a longer period of time by developing a GPS system that offers a safe and, above all, a comfortable route.

The idea of MyRoad

In this hasty world, a de-stressing route is just as interesting as the fastest GPS route. The JESCO Auto Training School accepted the challenge to think “outside the box”. In order to improve road safety for everyone JESCO tried to find the ideal route that comes close to this idea best. So, the aim of this trial was to discover which risk parameters should certainly not be missed in the CARA GPS system for this purpose. Therefore, different routes driven by older drivers were analysed. Should a more suitable route exist it was suggested to the driver.

MVP Tests in Belgium

Due to the COVID-19 situation working with the CARA target group turned out to be difficult. Physical contacts were avoided, and communication was done via telephone and e-mail.

In general, 10 participants took part. Instead of their usual route they have all been provided with an alternative more comfortable route of 5 or more kilometres towards a certain target location in their familiar region. This way it was possible for the participant to avoid for instance an unsafe intersection.

In a next step the input and experiences of the drivers will be integrated into a more intelligent and personalized GPS system.

We will keep you informed about the following results.

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