Results from the 1st test cycle

In order to gain deeper insight in comparable driver assistance systems different products were assessed by seniors throw-out February and March 2020. 11 participants aged between 57 and 82 were interviewed regarding two products that are similar to MyCoach.

The feedback on the two products varied from very positive to rather negative experiences. However, the attitude for CARA MyCoach were quite positive and the participants seemed to be interested in receiving feedback regarding their driving performance.

Furthermore, 22 persons aged between 60 and 81 were asked about their experience concerning different navigation systems.

In general, navigation systems are experienced positive. MyRoad was considered useful for avoiding uncomfortable traffic situations such as busy traffic and complex intersections. However, some participants raised concerns, that will be taken into consideration for the concept and the technical development e.g. idea of using a button for indicating stressful situations.

Currently we are working on iterating the concepts based on the feedback. We will share these concepts with you in the near future.

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