• Anita Eichhorn

Technological Development of CARA Products

The Dutch partner SD-Insights is working hard on the development of the technology for the CARA products. In this blog post, you are given an insight into the development process.


MyCoach measures and collects driving behaviour data with help of a vision sensor: the CARAeye. The MyCoach app makes the data collected by the CARAeye insightful for the user. However, the challenge here was to create a vision sensor that is easy to install for the user and that can accurately measure the driving behaviour. At the moment, several plug-and-play devices are on the market, but these are not accurate since they do not take the environment into account.

A first prototype of the CARAeye was already created (figure 1). To assess the accuracy of the prototype, first experiments were performed using computer programmes, which allowed for analyzing videos of traffic situations. Based on this, the prototype was further improved and subsequently tested in real traffic. Incoming data was compared with data collected by devices available for the professional market. Now, the team is working towards a prototype that can be tested by the end users themselves.

Figure 1. A close-up of the camera that is used in the CARAeye prototype


For MyRoad a navigational app that allows users to avoid difficult traffic situations is developed. A first basic version of the app is already available (figure 3). Once the main functionality is working, a user-friendly prototype that can be tested by the end-user, will be created.

Are you interested in testing one of the CARA prototypes? You can sign up here.

Figure 2. Impression of the first basic prototype of MyRoad


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