Testing of MyRoad in Austria and Belgium

In order to support older drivers two prototype systems were developed within the CARA II project – My Road and MyCoach. MyRoad is a mobile navigation app specially designed for the needs of elderly drivers. Indicated by the user the route planning of the system takes into account certain stressful situations such as avoiding highways, roundabouts or accident hotspots. The aim is to guide the users to their destination in the least stressful way.

The My Road prototype is in the first phase of development. To further improve the device, test drives with seniors were planned. The goal of this pilot test is:

  • gaining limited insights into the impact of MyRoad regarding driving experience,

  • gaining limited insight into the impact of MyRoad regarding the perceived comfort and safety based on the additional functions,

  • gaining insight into the using/buying intention of the target group.

Accordingly, in June 2021, seniors from Austria and Belgium started driving with MyRoad. Healthy seniors over 55 years are taking part in the study. All participants are required to complete at least eight test drives using MyRoad.

At the beginning and the end of the test drives interviews with participants are carried out and questionnaires are distributed. All interviews are done on the phone, questionnaires are provided online or sent to the participants. In order to collect immediate experience during the test drives a driver´s logbook is used.

First results on the feedback from the study participants can be made available in August and will guide the ongoing development of the prototypes.

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