CARA Selftest

Learn more about your driving-related abilities

The Selftest challenges your driving-related abilities in a series of interactive, scientifically-based exercises. It provides you with a personalized report with your results, information on how are you doing compared to other drivers, and tips and tricks on how to keep yourself in a good shape for driving. 



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Obtain objective insight into your driving related abilities

The Selftest will take you through various sections that test important aspects of your driving-related abilities, namely:

  • reaction time

  • perception

  • anticipation

  • memory

  • risk assessment



Launch the test and go through the exercises. It will not take you more than 30 minutes and the test can be taken in multiple sessions. 

Step 1 

Make the test

The Selftest will provide you a personalised report on your results. Read through and see what driving-related abilities can you improve.

Step 2 

Receive a personalized report


It is recommended to take the Selftest once every year to monitor the changes in your driving-related abilities.

Step 3 



CARA Selftest

  • Online test on your laptop / desktop

  • Insight into your driving skill

  • Personalised report with tips and tricks on how to improve

  • Developed by respected research and educational institutions

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